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If your property is damp there are several treatments we can carry out depending on the nature and severity of the problem. The correct diagnosis will depend on a thorough assessment of your building but you can rest assured that we will always give an honest appraisal and the correct treatment recommended whether the condition is wet rot, dry rot or rising damp.

As always, prevention is better than cure and Mackenzie Hughes can provide a preservation service from the start of a renovation or structural build. Examples of our preservation methods can include:

Damp proofing – We employ treatments which include the use of chemical injection, damp-proof paint or fitting a mesh membrane to create a barrier between penetrating water and the internal structure.

 When converting a potentially damp cellar or basement into an extra living area, gymnasium or even a swimming pool it has to be protected against water which could permeate from below street level. This can be done in several ways including applying a cavity drain membrane; or a ‘tanking’ system used in conjunction with a sump or pump.

Condensation – An increasing problem in the UK due to homes being built which are extremely warm but have poor ventilation. Condensation takes place when moisture gathers on the interior of a cool surface such as a window or wall. If there’s no adequate ventilation the water can’t escape which may cause a build-up. Resulting problems may include black mould which in turn can lead to damp. There are several ways we can tackle the issues which may arise from condensation but the first step is for us to carry out a survey to assess the extent of the problem. This will determine which treatment to use which may include surface treatments and the installation of one or more ventilation units.

Wykamol Approved

Wykamol is the UK’s number one manufacturer of specialist preservation products for both new-build and period properties, residential or commercial. As a Wykamol approved contractor, all damp proofing, waterproofing and condensation treatments carried out by mackenzie hughes employ Wykamol products.

10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

All preservation treatments carried out by Mackenzie Hughes come with a 10 year, insurance backed guarantee to give you peace of mind. Contact us for further details.

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