Georgian New Town Restoration
With an Eye For Intricate Detail

Taking the empty shell of an Edinburgh Georgian New Town property and painstakingly converting it to a luxurious five-storey home takes skill, passion and a complete understanding of our client’s aims and desires. It also takes a willingness to go beyond convention – to meet challenges head on and turn them into positives to achieve the end result. Above all, it takes an eye for intricate detail as it’s often the little things that go unnoticed which make the biggest difference. 

For example, the hand-painted walls are designed to give the illusion of seamless period coverings while the exterior electric lamps from Jamb have been converted to gas for the ultimate dramatic effect. Then we have the gold leaf door handles – a true classic without being ostentatious.This restoration project was a true labour of love in which we combined our skill and craftsmanship with our client’s love of beautiful and unique objet d’art to create a home which is truly breathtaking on every level.

If you have an Edinburgh period property in need of restoration contact us for an informal chat and let’s explore some exciting possibilities together.

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